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Tips for Water Lines as Temperatures Warm

Don't let the warmer temperatures fool you...water lines can still freeze even as temperatures increase. Actually, warmer temperatures during the day, but cooler temperatures at night often make the frost go deeper into the ground.


Elk River Municipal Utilities has seen a drastic increase in the amount of frozen water lines this year. In fact, over this past warm weekend, the amount of frozen lines almost doubled. Please make sure you are continuing to be cautious. Here are some tips to help protect your lines:

  • Check the temperature of your water daily. Use an outdoor thermometer and put the tip in a stream of cold water. If it is 40° F or lower, start running a pencil stream width of water continously from the faucet. Preferably the stream should be running in a basement or utility room sink. The cost of running your water proactively is much, much less than having to call a plumber to thaw your line. Call our office at 763.441.2020 to let us know you are going to be running your water.
  • If you are starting to see rusty/dirty looking water, check the temperature of your water immediately. This is a sign that your water line is close to freezing.
  • If there is exposed plumbing in a closet or cabinets on an outside wall, open the cabinet door to let warm air from your home circulate into the area.


Frost doesn't typically start to thaw until April. If you find a need to proactively run your water, it would be ideal to keep it running through the end of April. Please contact us at 763.441.2020 for any questions.