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Cold Weather Rule Notification

Some customers find it hard to pay their heating bills in the winter.  The State of Minnesota set up the Cold Weather Rule to protect residential, heat-affected customers who are unable to pay their utility bills from disconnection of service between October 15 and April 15.  Contrary to popular belief, the Cold Weather Rule does not forbid utility disconnection during the winter months.  Therefore, communication with your gas and electric provider is important.

If you know your going to have trouble paying your utility bill, we encourage you to call us, or click here to access our Cold Weather page where you'll have the ability to download, or electronically submit, an "Inability to Pay" form to be protected from utility shutoff once the Rule has taken effect.  The form must be completely filled out and signed to be considered valid.  If the payment arrangements are not followed, the Cold Weather Rule will not protect you from utility shut off. 

As you can see, communication and keeping your payment arrangements are the key to avoiding an inconvenient and potentially detrimental disconnection.  If you find yourself needing help, you can contact an energy assistance organization to see if you qualify for assistance.  Click here to see a list of local organizations. 

If you have additional questions about the Cold Weather Rule, or would like to make a payment arrangement, please contact us at 763-441-2020. We'll do our best to help.