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Residential Lighting Contest - Get Your Application in NOW!

It all starts out with a few strings of unassuming icicle lights you've hung from the roof of your house.  But then you notice your neighbors home has a few more lights than yours. You add more, they add more, and then you find yourself in a vicious cycle.  Every weekend is spent driving around town to see what your "competition" has displayed. You find yourself hitting every local retail store in search of more LED lights, inflatable snowmen, and any animated holiday character you can get your hands on!  And then the unthinkable, your suddenly on a first name basis with the cashiers.  If any of this sounds familiar, you're a perfect candidate for our 2014 Residential Lighting Contest.

So here's how it works.  You must be in Elk River Municipal Utilities (ERMU) electric service territory to be eligible for the contest.  Application form must be completed and returned to the ERMU office by December 9, 2014.  There are five winner categories:

Grand Prize:  $125.00
First Runner-Up:  $75.00
Second Runner-Up:  $50.00
Most Creative:  $50.00
Best Use of LED Lighting:  $50.00

Prizes will be awarded as a credit onto your utility bill.  One winner per category.

The judging will be done December 10th through the 13th and the winners will be announced on December 17th.  Please be sure to have your display lit all of the nights of judging. LED lighting is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged as well as a timer to limit energy consumption.  If you are switching to LED lights and have old incandescent holiday lights, they can be recycled at City Hall during regular business hours.

Click Here to Download Residential Lighting Contest Application.