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Consumers Encouraged to Appreciate Their Water Service


To value water service, it's important to recognize the thousands of water utilities across North America that work diligently to provide safe water to millions of people.  They are responsible for monitoring more than 100 contaminants on a regular basis and staying in compliance with  the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's standards for drinking water.

The infrastructure used to carry water from treatment plants to homes and businesses is also crucial. North American water systems are critical to maintaining public health, economic vitality, fire protection, and quality of life. ERMU is committed to the infrastructure of their water system. In 2014 ERMU added 2,500 feet of watermain.  This was part of a multi-phase project to increase water capacity for anticipated growth in the southeastern section of Elk River. The final phase of the project, which is currently in the works, is the addition of another filter plant for removal of iron and manganese. ERMU believes that investing in their infrastructure now will help provide for future generations to ensure they have the needed water service we value today.