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ERMU Exits the Security Systems Business

On August 22, 2016, the Elk River Municipal Utilities Commission approved through resolution the sale of the ERMU security systems sales and installation department.  This sale will transfer all existing security accounts and inventory to WH Security. With 25 years of providing security alarm systems in Minnesota and currently serving approximately 14,000 customers, WH Security is locally headquartered and operates out of Rockford, MN.  ERMU has partnered with WH Security for many years for security system monitoring services making for a seamless transition.

This decision was made after significant consideration following months of evaluation of the security alarm system business line. The ERMU security alarm sales and installation department operated as a subsidiary of the ERMU electric utility. The driving force for ERMU to provide security alarm system sales and installation originated from a need for having security systems at ERMU facilities. This service was then extended to our electric customers and beyond.

Many factors contributed to the final decision. Ultimately, with the rapid change in security technology and growing need for electric utility grid physical and cyber security, ERMU’s facility security needs have evolved beyond the services provided through the subsidiary. This change in internal needs creates a misalignment in providing exceptional security alarm system sales and installation services with the ERMU mission “to provide our customers with safe, reliable, cost effective and quality long term electric and water utility services.” This misalignment in mission along with the fiduciary responsibility to the electric customers was the primary criteria in the decision to sell.

The transfer will happen October 1, 2016. There will be no interruption in security alarm system monitoring, installation, or repair services. Effective immediately, all service calls or questions about security alarm system service should be directed to WH Security at (763) 477-3664. Existing ERMU security alarm system customers will receive a welcome packet from WH Security in early October with information about their company. Additional information can be found by visiting WH Security’s website at http://www.wh-security.com.  


When will WH Security bill me?
If you are an annual billed customer and have already paid your annual total due to ERMU, you will not receive a bill from WH Security until your annual statement occurs. You will still receive all other communication from WH Security to keep you up to date on their information. If you are billed monthly your last bill from ERMU was on August 23.

What if I have an outstanding security alarm system installation and/or monitoring balance?
Existing ERMU Security customers with outstanding security balances through the August 23rd billing date should remit their payment to ERMU.

How do I contact WH Security for service or billing questions?
WH Security can be reached for service and billing questions at (763) 477-3000, or info@whe.org. Their website is www.wh-security.com. Your security monitoring phone number will stay the same and is (800) 858-7811.

Will my rate change?
Your rate will not change. 
I am on automatic bank draft. Will that transfer to WH Security?
No, you will need to call WH Security to setup automatic bank draft. Please contact them at (763) 477-3664 to set this up.