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Elk River Municipal Utilities
Elk River Municipal Utilities

Providing Reliable Public Power

Tree Trim Bucket_copy  Tree Trim Ground_copy1

We’re proud to significantly outperform electric industry national averages for electric reliability. Did you know that tree trimming is an important element in limiting the number and length of outages? One of the most common causes of power outages is tree limbs falling across power lines. Our extensive tree trimming program includes removing broken limbs and trimming trees that encroach or hang over the distribution wire from pole to pole.


As winter is one of the best times to trim trees, field staff will soon make their way around the city, trimming branches that are close to power lines. Pruning a tree near a line can be very dangerous, so please do not attempt to do this yourself. To report a tree that needs to be trimmed, please call us at 763.441.2020. We’d be happy to come out and assess the situation.

Elk River Municipal Utilities
Elk River Municipal Utilities

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