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Fire Hydrants


The Water Department maintains over 1,100 fire hydrants located within the distribution system. Staff flushes all public fire hydrants and private hydrants that are on the Private Hydrant Maintenance program.


Flushing is scheduled for the first two weeks in May. Hydrant flushing is conducted for two reasons: to ensure the hydrant works properly and to flush the system of stagnant water and any minerals from the system. When the water department is flushing your street, please refrain from using any water. If you do get some discolored water in your house, run the cold water at an outside faucet or from a laundry tub until the water runs clear.


Please help keep the areas around fire hydrants clear of snow, bushes, trees, and weeds. The hydrant must remain visible in case of an emergency.


If you see anyone operating a fire hydrant other than a firefighter or utility employee please call the office at 763.441.2020. If you own a private hydrant and are looking to participate in the Private Hydrant Maintenance Program, please give us a call. Click here to see the outline of the program.