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Wait Till 8

Wait Till 8 is an energy saving program that everyone can participate in! Elk River is continually growing. With this growth comes increased demand for electricity by our families, businesses, and industries. Elk River Municipal Utilities continues to expand its electric system to meet increasing demand.


With high demand comes the need for more power plants, power lines and fuel to generate this electricity, which means higher costs. To help lower costs, customers can voluntarily make changes to help conserve energy.


Most high demand days occur in the hot summer when everyone turns on their air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Instead of coming home at 6 and cranking up the air conditioner, turning on the oven to start dinner or throwing in a load of laundry, wait until later to start these tasks. This is mostly important when the temperature reaches 90 degrees and/or the dewpoint reaches 70%.



     Here are some tips to start “Waiting Till 8”:


  1. Turn your air conditioner thermostat up 5 degrees at 5 PM. An easy way to remember is “Dial up 5 at 5.” Your air conditioner will run less, but still keep you cool.
  2. Wait till Eight to turn on your dehumidifier, wash and dry your clothes, wash dishes, and cook your evening meal. Better yet, use your outdoor grill. This saves on air conditioning too.
  3. Wait till Eight to water your lawn. Remember, it takes electricity to pump water whether you have your own well or get your water from ERMU. If you do get your water from ERMU, remember our sprinkling ban. Even numbered address may sprinkle from 6 PM – 10 AM on even numbered days while odd numbered addresses may sprinkle on odd numbered days between 6 PM and 10 AM.


Remember! Conserving our precious resources is everyone’s business. If you don’t do it, who will?